It’s Another Busy Weekend In The Tri-States
With hot and humid weather in the weekend forecast, we don't blame you if you hit the pool and work on your tan. However, if you don't want to swim, there are several fun events going on this weekend.
Quincy is Getting a Presidential Visit
This weekend in Quincy, you can take a selfie with the President of the United States. Well, not the current president, but a president nonetheless. Just don’t forget the selfie stick or bring a friend with long arms so you can get his entire hat in the picture...
The 10 Commandments of Eating At Maid-Rite
There are a lot of traditions in the Gem City, but nothing says Quincy quite like a Maid Rite. A few of my co-workers and I went to indulge in the deliciousness of Maid Rite, but there are a few rules--or "commandments"--that you need to know first.
First Woman in 30 Years to Broadcast NFL Game on ESPN
ESPN will feature a woman play-by-play announcer during the upcoming National Football League season.  According to an article in the American Sportscaster's Online periodical, Beth Mowins will handle the play-by-play for the network's second game of their Monday Night Football covera…
So Now You Know How Pepsi Got Its Name
It is funny when we mention names of products or companies we never really ask the question "How did they come up with that name?" It got me to thinking about some very popular products and company names out there and how they were actually named.
Dr. Michael Swango Was Sentenced 32 Years Ago
He is a convicted killer and possibly has killed up to 60 or more people both domestically and internationally, has had a book written about him (Quincy native James Stewart’s “Blind Eye”) and is currently serving a life sentence in Colorado. He is Quincy …

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