I Am Confused???
When I first moved to Quincy many moons ago, the first thing I realized was how easy it was to find things in this city. The streets are numbered from the river to almost Liberty going west to east. And the north-south streets are named after presidents, states or trees. Pretty simple.
There’s No Better Time Than Now to Raise the Gas Tax
If you have lived any length of time in the Land of Lincoln you are well aware of how bad the financial situation is for the State of Illinois. The state is way behind in its payments and its infrastructure is deteriorating.  So how do you correct this problem?
Salvation Army Family Store Needs Volunteers
The construction work for the Salvation Army's new Family Store is just about complete and now the process of stocking the store with goods is underway.  With that process comes a need for volunteers to assist them in doing so. So the plea for volunteers has gone out.
Q.U. Receives a $500-Thousand Anonymous Stadium Grant
Quincy University received a $500,000 grant from an anonymous foundation on April 1 in support of the ongoing Quincy University Stadium renovation project announced in December. To date, the grant represents the single largest contribution to the stadium plan...
Goodbye J.C Penney: Another Quincy Icon Gone!
I walked into the Quincy Mall yesterday and made my way down to the west end of the Mall heading towards the J.C. Penney store. The closer I got to the entrance, reality started to set in that one of the iconic stores in Quincy will soon be no more.

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