At What Age Should You Get Your Kids A Cell Phone?
Is there a certain age a child should get a cell phone? The conversation came up the other day when my seven-year-old told me she wants a phone for her birthday. It got me thinking, how young is TOO young when it comes to getting your child's first phone?
Why Do They Call it the ‘Oscars’?
The 90th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California this Sunday night and can be seen on ABC Television with Jimmy Kimmel as the host. One by one the winners will be presented an "Oscar" for their outstanding work in the motion picture business …
Iowa Is the Best State In America
According to a new report by US News and World Report, Iowa is without question the BEST state in the country. Missouri and Illinois…
Quincy’s Ten Safest Neighborhoods (Ranked)
When looking for a new home in Quincy, I have been looking for school district and the safety of the neighborhood. This list might help you also, if you are thinking about moving to Quincy or to a different house.

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