Adams County

Who Remembers Quincy’s $1 Movie Theater?
Going to a movie with a family a four can get pretty expensive these days. So growing up with a family of six we didn't go to the movies often, until we discovered The Adams Theatre in Quincy.
The QHS Football Hype Video is AMAZING!
To get fans all geared up for the official first game of the season, the Quincy High School Blue Devils released a video I swear reminds me of the show Friday Night Lights.
Did You Know 44-Thousand Americans Commit Suicide Annually?
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Over 44-thousand Americans commit suicide each year in our country. There is one suicide for every 25 attempts in the U.S. With these statistics in mind, The Adams County Suicide Prevention Coalition has launched a website, www.acsuici…

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