What is the Big Bam? Let's just say you will be seeing many bicycles. Friday, June 26 is the day when Canton's population explodes with bicycles. The Big Bam event will be in Canton for a whole bunch of fun.

Canton is expecting over 1300 bicyclists. Canton is the finish line for the event. The bicyclists should be showing up in Canton around noon. The majority of the bicyclists will arrive around 3 p.m.

This is a big deal and many events are planned for that day to welcome visitors to Canton. Some street in Canton will be closed that day including Fourth Street from the stop light to Clark Street will be closed along Highway B, and then Lewis Street will be closed from the stoplight to the levy walk and observation deck. Music, food and a Mardi Gras Theme will be present with many merchants handing out beads.

Saint's Avenue Cafe will be open all night June 26 to accommodate the extra visitors in town.

Yan Lev