Like all other places the United States Army has been forced to cut it's budget and as a result we now have a much stronger Army.  Under pressure to reduce it's ranks, the Army is dismissing a large number of soldiers who do not meet their fitness standards, another fallout of our nation's obesity problem.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

It is obesity that is the number one reason people are denied the opportunity to join the Army. In a twelve year period of time from 1998 to 2010, the number of active duty military personnel considered to be overweight tripled.In 2010, 5.3% of the current Army personnel we considered to  be diagnosed as overweight or obese.

This statistic has prompted the Army to re-examine their training programs and also drove commanders to weed out soldiers deemed to be unfit to fight. So far in the first ten months of this year, the army has released 1,625 soldiers for being out of shape which is 15 times the number released for that reason back in 2007.

Interesting numbers to say the least.