Last week the 2012 State of the Air Annual report came out from the American Lung Association and the report for Adams County could not have been better. Adams County was named as one of the "Cleanest U.S. Counties" in the country. According to information provided by Katie Lorenz of the Lung Association, the Association grades cities and counties based on the number of days of high ozone (or smog) and particle pollution (soot). Adams County improved their grade from a "C" to a "B" in the last year and also received an "A" for particle pollution for the second year in a row.That "A" grade qualified Adams County to be listed as one of the Cleanest Counties in America" for particle pollution. Adams County had no high particle pollution days and only one unhealthy ozone day in the 2012 report. This news was appreciated by the 9500 people in Adams County who are suffering from some sort of lung disease. Officials are crediting the Clean Air Act for improved air quality throughout the country. To see the trend charts for metro areas and county reports go to