We had a case of bad news/good news at our house overnight. The bad news? Someone smashed the front passenger window in our vehicle while it was parked literally five feet from our back door. That fact alone is creepy and unsettling.

The good news? They didn't take anything from the car and they left the tool they used to break in on the ground next to the car. I'm betting they got spooked by something and fled the scene in a hurry.

According to Quincy Police, we weren't the only victims. Apparently there were several similar break-ins in the middle of town overnight. In one case, a brick was thrown through a van window to gain entry. The area reporting damage seems to be bordered by 14th to 20th, Kentucky to Jersey, but there may be more reports coming in from other areas.

Hopefully they catch the perpetrator. It sounds like there are some good leads. These things happen and there are certainly worse crimes but, nonetheless, it's disturbing when things like this happen in our quiet town.

Were you a victim or do you know someone that was? We'll keep you updated as more details emerge. In the meantime (and always) ... lock your doors!