I hope you enjoyed the "cooler" weather we had Tuesday because it is going to get considerably hotter.  Dangerously hotter in some cases. Forecasters are predicting mid to high 90's for Wednesday, over 100 degrees for Thursday and upper 90's for Friday and in  the 90's for Saturday and Sunday.

As a result, people are being warned of possible heat stroke if they are not careful. If you think that only happens to older people... think again.  Age makes no difference. If you have to be outside in the next few days make sure you drink plenty of water and stay in the shade if possible. Heat stroke can come upon you hours later after being in the sun and heat earlier. Do not over exert yourself and check on family members and neighbors especially the elderly. Make a phone call just to make sure they are alright. Also, make sure your pets and outdoor animals have shelter from the sun and plenty of water. Check their water supply often and if possible move them inside during the heat of the day. It doesn't take much for a dog to succumb to the heat and die from it.

For those who don't have air conditioning the Quincy Salvation Army will open the Kroc Center and Family Services Office as a "cooling center" on days when the Heat Advisories are issued for our area. The Family Services office is located at 333 North 6th Street in Quincy and will be open Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm and the Kroc Center at 405 Vermont Street will be open from 9am to 4pm seven days a week for people who need to get out of the extreme heat. Heat like this does make you wonder how people managed to get through the heat wave of past years prior to air conditioning doesn't it?  Stay cool if possible.