Here is your notice, beginning Friday, November 2, the speed limit along US 61 at Palmyra will be reduced from 65 mph to 55 mph approaching the north city limits of Palmyra starting just north of the MO 168 interchange to just north of Main Cross Street. The speed limit has been reduced at the north end of Palmyra as a safety measure suitable to traffic conditions near the MO 168 interchange area.The speed reduction, requested by the City of Palmyra and a Citizens Advisory Group recommendation, was approved by MoDOT after conducting traffic and speed studies in the area.

"The speed reductions along with the recent safety improvements will allow motorists to make safer turns onto US 61 from MO 168," advised MoDOT Area Engineer Brian Haeffner. "Even more important, several law enforcement agencies have already stepped up enforcement in the area and will continue to do so," added Haeffner. "Most traffic was traveling well above the posted 65 mph speed limit, so reducing the limit combined with additional enforcement will send a message to drivers that excessive speed will not be tolerated," said Chief Ed Bogue of the Palmyra Police Department. "Officers are especially monitoring all intersections that access US 61 through the Palmyra area," he explained.

Motorists will be alerted of the new speed limit with message boards and a media campaign.