Do you ever go through food phases? You know, where you crave only one thing for a couple days (or weeks)? I go through this with wings and pizza every so often. I also once went through a pecan pie phase for about three days. The latest one I've had is pretty expensive, so I'll be glad when it's over: prime rib.

James Pauls

Prime rib is something I used to never order, but I ordered it at Texas Roadhouse and it was outstanding. So then I ordered it again at Kelly's, then at Rustic Oak Grill & Pub in Hannibal, and have now had it several times at Drakes Steak and Ale. It was terrific at all of those restaurants restaurants, too. I'm not sure which one I liked the best, because they were all great in different ways.

To be honest, I'm not even sure I know exactly all of the restaurants that have prime rib on the menu, so I'd welcome your recommendations! Which restaurant in Quincy, Hannibal, and the surrounding area serves the best prime rib? The choices in our poll below are just a few of the places we know that serves prime rib. If your favorite restaurant isn't listed, write them in!