A Missouri statewide award will go to  Palmyra High School.

The"Battle Of The Belt" is a statewide competition between Missouri high schools to encourage the use of safety belts among students. The Battle of the Belt student safety belt competition ran from October 1 - November 8.

A special presentation will be held on Friday evening, January 31 during halftime of the boy's varsity basketball game at Palmyra High School. A top award winner for the first time in the Battle of the Belt competition, Palmyra High School will be presented with a gold banner for their seat belt usage of 99.45% from the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety for their success and participation in the program..

In addition, Palmyra High School will also receive a $500 Check for the Most Improved during the Battle of the Belt competition from American Family Insurance, one of the sponsors of the program. Thank you students for being safe behind the wheel!

Kurt Parsons