I was moving some boxes the other day at my house and I came across my large box of baseball cards. It got me to wonder about how many baseball cards I traded with my friends, and just how many I ruined just to make noise on my bike. My guess it was in the hundreds.  

When I grew up, it was “cool” to close pin some baseball cards to your bicycle wheels so the spokes would rub up against the card and make a flapping noise. Whoever started that fad probably cost me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of valuable baseball cards that I wish I had today.

Baseball card collecting has waned over the years, but by growing up in the baseball card hey day years, I wonder if I wiped out an expensive Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays or Hank Aaron card. A card that would be worth something today all for the sake of making some noise on my bike as I peddled around the neighborhood. I will never know.