North Korea has not been on America's "Good Boy" list for quite some time so sending a Good Boy" to North Korea to deal with the "Bad Boys" probably isn't a smart idea. So let's just send a "Bad Boy" there instead.  That's exactly what happened as former NBA star Dennis Rodman visited North Korea to meet with North Korean President Kim Jong Un to sooth relations between the two countries (I guess...because I really don't know why he's there)

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told former NBA star Dennis Rodman he hoped a "sports exchange would be activated" to promote mutual understanding between his country and the United States, according to the North Korean state news agency better known for issuing threats against America rather than handshakes which Rodman and three members of the Harlem Globetrotters received when they got off the plane this week.

Rodman's visit got me to thinking about if he weren't able to make the trip who would be a likely replacement. I have come up with that list to replace Rodman. Here's my top five.

1...Lady Gaga

2...Andrew Dice Clay

3...Mike Tyson

4...Lindsey Lohan

5...Flavor Flav

All I can say is "God help us"!