Some famous guy in the past once said it is good to look back in order to move forward!

So let's see if that works. Looking back on Quincy as I knew it back in the 1960's through now. I grew up in Pittsfield, IL, about 40 miles down the road.

I remember my parents taking me to Quincy to get things, like coming to Quincy to get my Cub Scout uniform. Back then, the store we had to go to was at the corner of 5th and Main, on the south side of the street. I had never seen a skyscraper before. That's what is was to me, the biggest building I had ever seen. I remember trying on my Cub Scout uniform. I didn't like it to much, but I got used to it.

Kurt Parsons

I remember my mom bringing me up to Quincy to be on TV. Yeah, I was going to be a star on the Cactus Jim Show. Me and about 10 other little brats, up in the WCU building, and I remember not being too well-behaved for some reason. My dad even got off work to see me be on the TV that day. I remember Cactus Jim was a very nice man. I think he gave me some chocolate milk. I didn't know it at the time, but that was to be the place, some 25 years later, where a bunch of us would later turn the Quincy music scene upside down by starting  a thing called 99Q radio.

Somtimes it is good to take a minute and think about those times. How things were back then. No iPads, no computers, no four lanes, just two lanes to get us where we needed to go. More later.