Students in Quincy, Hannibal, and the surrounding area are getting ready for prom, which could end up being unbelievably expensive. Prom dress retailer Golden Asp says the average cost of prom per couple is projected to be way up in 2014.

"We're finding that the average cost of prom has been rising 34% per year since 2011," said Jon Liney, president of Golden Asp. "Based on that rate, this year, parents and students are projected to spend an astonishing $1,949 on prom - roughly $500 more than last year."

If you have a son or daughter that will be attending prom, don't have a hear attack. There are plenty of money-saving ideas online for cutting down the cost of prom. Just do a quick Google search, but don't tell your kids what you're Googling.

By the way, both Quincy Senior High School and Hannibal High School have scheduled prom for May 3. QND will have prom at The Ambiance on April 5.

Catherine Yeulet