What a wild week of weather we just had. From remnants of a hurricane, to a calm, clear sky this morning. We will go from a high of 96 degrees to lows in the lower 50’s this week. Welcome to the Midwest. One concern is our trees, regardless of the weather. 

After last year’s horrible “wind” storm many of the trees in the area suffered damaged limbs.  A lot of those limbs are still hanging in those trees.  Those not hanging were weakened and couple that wind storm with this year’s drought they have become even  weaker. No wonder when we got a wind over 30 miles an hour yesterday some of those limbs gave way. Some even broke off after heavy rains from Isaac went through earlier in the week.

What I worry about is what will happen when we get an inch or more of wet snow on them.  The extra weight will certainly bring more down. You might think twice about parking your car under one of these trees in the future.

While I am on the subject, did you notice that even with 3 or more inches of rain that the creeks in the area were not overflowing? Usually, after a one inch rainfall I can see water rushing through Curtis Creek when I drive over it.  Not this time.  I guess most of the rain was absorbed like a sponge due to the drought.  Mother Nature was very thirsty and it showed this week when the waters flowed slowly through the creeks in the area.