It is going to happen soon. I, The Big Dog, will be the new owner of a Smart Phone. All of my friends have one and they are constantly giving me the business about when am I gonna get one?

Well, my standard answer is, "I will get one when I am no longer smarter than a Smart Phone".  And right now I still feel that I am smarter ( I really want one so I can skype with my grandkids and family who do not live close by).

In the latest edition of Time Magazine (August 27th edition) there is concern that the Smart Phone is actually dulling our memory in that we can now look up everything and don't need to remember things instead as we have had to do in the past.  People now remember where to find the information but they don't retain it as well knowing that it is always at their disposal if needed, thus dulling their knowledge.

I know there are so many opportunities with that phone that I do not have right now, but I have been holding off for fear I will become like my friends, addicted to it.  Yes I said addicted. According to that same magazine, cell phones are more addictive than crack.  So much so, they might name the next phone the CrackBerry.

I have some friends, one in particular (let's refer to him as CCA).  CCA will sit down and head right to the phone and be immersed in its content constantly. Oh, he'll poke his head up to say hi and then again to say see ya. God, if I ever get one of those phones and start doing that someone please shoot me and put me out of my phone misery. CCA used to carry on a conversation from time to time and now he lets his thumbs do the talking. He is not alone. Millions of other are doing the same and I hate it.

People can't look other people in the eye and say hello anymore but the can look at their phone and do it.  Where is this all leading us to?  A society of introverted, non speaking, arthritic fingered human beings. When they can't move their fingers later in life, maybe they will go back to talking again, if they know how.  Hope you are reading this CCA.