Toll roads are nothing new.  There are several in the State of Illinois, mostly around Chicagoland and Northern Illinois.  Missouri does not yet have one, but recently there has been plenty of talk about making I-70 a toll road from St. Louis to Kansas City.

With states running out of funding for roadway repairs and new construction there is no doubt in my mind we will start seeing toll roads pop up all over the place. It's easy money, but many will resist and take alternate routes. Texas has found a way around all that. They just approved an 85 mph speed limit on a toll road. If Missouri and Illinois would do that, you will see people use it rather than by-pass it.

For instance, if you drive from Hannibal to Kansas City on U.S. 36, it would take you approximately 3 and a half hours but it would be free.  If you took highway 61 to 19 to 54 to I-70 (at 85 miles and hour),you would get there in approximately 2 and a half hours.

My guess is that's the route most people would take. Tolls are coming.  It is just a matter of time.