It amazes me that if someone is missing a bicycle that they don't contact the Police Department to report it. It should be the first place they should go. Every year there are hundreds of bikes that the Quincy Police Department "holds" in hopes that owners will come forward and claim them. As a parent, make sure you place some form of an ID marker on a new or used bike so you can accurately claim it in the event it is lost or stolen and later recovered. What do they do with these unclaimed bikes?  Well the QPD will be holding two separate auctions this month involving unclaimed and/or abandoned property.  The first auction will be held at the Community Auction Center on Tuesday, April 17th at 4pm. The second auction will be held at the same location and time on Tuesday, April 24th.  So my advice to you is if you have lost property recently, contact the Quincy Police Department to see if they have it and have been waiting for you to call.  Otherwise you just might be bidding on your own property on the 17th or the 24th.