I went shopping the other night and I passed a Salvation Army Kettle that was manned by a young man. I dropped in a couple of bucks as I walked out of the store and thanked him for being there. The Salvation Army is still trying to find people to man all of their kettles for this holiday season.

Unmanned Kettle -Tim Boyle, Getty Images

What a shame it is that they have to struggle every year to find people to do this.  So I took the opportunity to ask a member of the Salvation Army if they asked the very people who use their services throughout the year to help man those kettles?  The answer was yes. My next question was “well, are they helping?" and the answer was some of them are.

In my way of thinking, if the Salvation Army is assisting you throughout the year then why are you at least not giving them a few hours and days of your time to help them raise the very money they need to assist you? The Salvation Army can only ask those people, they can’t make them man a kettle. How frustrating must it be to be a member of the Salvation Army and have to see the people who refuse to assist them standing there looking for assistance.

They have a need for assistance because of many reasons, but I am finding it hard to reason why they can’t step up and help themselves and the Salvation Army when the opportunity to man a kettle is waiting for them right now.  When they needed help the Salvation Army was there.  When the Salvation Army needs help, where are they?