Ok, I must admit it was a juvenile little prank we played this morning but it did work. April Fool's Day was actually yesterday, so it kind of went by unnoticed for many since it fell on a Sunday this year.  This morning we aired a fictitious interview with George Bridgeman who was actually Gary Glaenzer (our Station Engineer).  As the interview progressed, "George" announced that his engineering firm from the State of Louisiana had been working with the City of Quincy and developed a system whereby the traffic lights in the city would change if you hit your horn.  This, of course, would save people money by not idling their vehicles waiting for the light to change.  We aired the interview at 7:25 and again at 8:20 this morning and then listened for the chorus of horns to echo throughout the city. Several did go off within our earshot.  According to George, the system was known as the Audible Programmable Random Incremental Lanes For Optimum Outgoing Lane System. The acronym for that is APRIL FOOLS.  By the way, the lights didn't change.