The Annual Walk to End Alzheimer's will take place on September 6th this year.  I'ts an event that raised over 70-thousand dollars last year. This Saturday, the Alzheimer's Association will be holding  a Walk Kickoff at the Quincy Mall Fountain Court area from 7am to 2pm.  The fountain will be featuring purple water for the event and people will be asked to purchase a rubber duck to float in the fountain water for just $2.  Shoppers can also purchase Pinwheel Flowers as well with a personalize message attached to it. This was something that was done during the walk last September and was a huge success and quite impressive to look at as well.  All proceeds from the sales Saturday will go toward the walk's goal. The intent is to get people signed up to walk this Saturday for the walk in September. Having been a founding member of the Alzheimer's Association's local board of directors, I can honestly tell you that I really feel  with the recent research being done that this dreaded disease will have a cure during my life time. Hopefully, people will sign up Saturday to help us out in September.