If you have an exceptional child, or know any exceptional children, then you should be sure to nominate them for the 2014 All-American Kids Awards from the Quincy Society of Fine Arts and the Bank of Quincy. 

Nominations for the All-American Kids Awards are open to young people up to the age of 14, who have achieved excellence in one of three fields:

Arts/Humanities - An award to a child with exceptional skill in language, visual or performing arts. The winner may also be distinguished in the disciplines of history or literature.

Natural Science and/or Mathematical Science - An award to a child whose curiosity has led to outstanding achievement in the exploration and analysis of our world.

Sports- An award to a child who has been challenged by athletics and turned dreams into concrete reality.


To make a nomination, visit the Quincy Society of Fine Arts online, or stop by the Oakley-Lindsay Center for a nomination form. Those making a nomination will be asked to describe the child's achievements in 100 words or less. Nominations will be accepted through January 31. This deadline has been extended from the original date due to a staff change at the Quincy Society of Fine Arts.

Last year's winners were Amanda Zehnle, Drew Kaiser, Ratayia Bias and Abby Biswell.

The 2014 All-American Kids Awards will be presented on Tuesday, March 11 at the noon Rotary Club meeting. Winners will receive a plaque and a $200 check for their education fund.