Y101 plays the Tri-States' Biggest Variety of music along with the latest happenings in the Quincy/Hannibal region. features online streaming of the radio station, in addition to daily blogs, music and entertainment news, and local information for residents of the Quincy/Hannibal area.

Meet the team:

Toni Benjamin
Media Specialist
217-223-5299 Ext. 1214 (Office) / 217-316-9024 (Mobile)

Tej Ghosh
Market Manager
217.223.5292 ext. 1213 (office)

Reagan Costigan
Account Executive
217.223.5292 (Office) / 217.209.4849 (Mobile)

Cory Herren
Account Executive
217.223.5292 ext. 1222 (office) / 217.653.6263 (mobile)

Charlie Ledbetter
Account Executive
217.223.5292 ext. 1208 (office) / 217.242.8240 (mobile)

Ashley Means
Account Executive
217.223.5292 (Office) / 573.248.6878 (Mobile)

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Tej Ghosh
Market Manager

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