The heavy rains from Tropical Storm Isaac has enabled the burn advisory for Adams County to be lifted. Earlier today we received a news release regarding the lifting of the advisory.  The official release is below.

"The Adams County Emergency Management Agency has lifted the burn advisory for all areas of Adams County that was issued on June 28th. While the continued drought persists, current surface moisture does not present conditions for rapid acceleration of fires. This comes after 2” – 4” of rain fell across the county, calm winds, and increased humidity. Although conditions now are more acceptable to burning, precautions should still be taken. Make sure to have a water source nearby to extinguish the fire should it become out of control• Do not leave a fire unattended• Ring any fires with something to contain it.  If you have a fire and it starts to become out of control call 9-1-1 early. The Adams County Emergency Management Agency will continue to monitor drought conditions and situations may change throughout late summer and fall."

Basically, common sense is needed anytime you burn outside, even with your own BBQ grill. But this is a good sign that maybe things might start to return to normal.