It was May 25, 1978, my first day ever in the City of Quincy having moved here from the Kansas City area. I spent the first week in a hotel trying to find a place to live. I remember being at the intersection of 24th and Harrison at the four-way stop. It felt like I spent three birthdays trying to get through that intersection that day.

A year later, after living in an apartment, I actually moved to a house near that very intersection. What was I thinking? I frequently go through that intersection now and it is still backed up significantly from time to time. Just last week, after a long 10 hour day at work, I was heading home and was heading toward 24th and Harrison and the southbound lane to get through the four-way intersection was all the way back to Monroe Street. I thought this could be my last drive home from work because I could be retired before I got through that intersection.

I have gone through that intersection before  and have seen the eastbound lane of traffic backed almost to Johnson Park (near 18th Street). This dilemma for motorists has been going on for over 30 years now. Isn't it time that a traffic light be installed there?

I know it has been discussed in past years and I remember hearing that the City of Quincy couldn't add a light because there is no room for turn lanes that would be required. If that is the case perhaps the City should look into getting that requirement waived and make that important intersection more fluent for motorists.

Have you experienced the length of time it takes to get through 24th and Harrison? What are your thoughts?