If you know me well you already know that I am not the world's biggest NASCAR fan. I do have an appreciation for someone who can drive inches from another car's bumper going nearly 200 miles and hour. I get nervous going 70 MPH and am three car lengths behind someone in from of me. With that said ,I did manage to see the "demolition derby" on the final lap of Sundays NASCAR race. I have to boast a little in that I predicted the massive wreck on the final lap with 10 laps to go and sure enough it happened.  There were cars going all over the place in the wreck yesterday and it seemed to have all started with one of the lead cars turning left (big surprise, a car turning left at a NASCAR event). That car turned into the path of another and all heck broke loose.

It reminded me of making a left hand turn on Broadway at 24th or 36th street in Quincy.  Why just Saturday I witnessed someone turning left at 24th and Broadway and instead of staying in their lane they crossed lanes during the turn which almost caused  a minor "NASCAR incident" right in front of me.

Now it's been several years since those two intersections in Quincy became two left hand turn lane intersections and both intersections continue to lead the city in traffic accidents each month.  Why is it so difficult to make the turn and stay in your lane when you do it?

God forbid if the City of Quincy ever utilizes rotary intersections, something that has been discussed near John Wood Community College. It that happens, Sunday's wreck will look like a fender bender.