His real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison but he was better known by his stage name John Wayne. Wayne was an American film actor, director and producer but was considered by many to be an American hero. AnAcademy Award winner, Wayne was among the top box office draws for three decades, and was named the all-time top money-making film star.  John Wayne was famous for his demeanor, including his distinctive voice, walk, and height. He believed in America and it showed in everything he did.  Seldom would you see a picture of Wayne without an American flag behind him or in his hands. I even have a picture of him on my office door with old glory in the background. What America needs now, more than ever, is another John Wayne.  Someone we can look up to. John Wayne died 33 years ago today at the age of 72. For those of you in Iowa, you can lay claim to John Wayne as one of yours since he was born in 1907 in Winterset, Iowa.  How many of you grew up watching the "Duke" as he was known?   I bet there is a few of you who did.  For the rest, go rent one of the 142 John Wayne movies he made.  You will be watching a part of Americana.