Since 1993, the Y101 Backyard Bar B Q's have gone all over the Tri-State area spreading fun, food and prizes to lucky Bar B Q winners.

This is the longest running radio BBQ in our listening area. We have fed, dare we say, thousands of hungry people at all kinds of locations in the Tri-State area. In homes, in barns, in basements, on rivers, in nursing homes,on decks. But, we are not done.

Our latest Backyard BBQ winner was Amy Peters of Quincy. Amy and her invited guests will feast on BBQ from Riverside Smokehouse, chips from Frito Lay, TCBY and of course drinks from Refresment Services Pepsi who has been with us from the start in 1993.

Next year will be our 20th year of our Backyard BBQs. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this fun and congratulations to all the winners thru out the years. Looking forward to another great Y101 Backyard BBQ.